Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Commuting, vrooming, over the chimneys step in time!

Two rides today. The first was my standard ride to work with another PR on Glendon Burn, the second was the supercalifragilisticespiallidocious event that is C&DCYCLES vroom Wednesday. So why the delay with the blog, well frankly I've been distracted by Mary Poppins which has just finished on Disney Movies. Quite a lady, I'd love to take her for a ride!

Photo bombed selfie outside the shop

Vroom is the quicker ride and it lived up to it's name. I never enjoy the start though. Firstly there's too much traffic and secondly I need a bit of time to warm up, others seem to instantly switch on to vroom pace and I get left behind. I don't think I'll ever be the quickest, I'd just like those instant legs everyone else seems to have.

Tonight's leader was our own Burt the chimney sweep, Jonesy. However as Andy (mention) was there too we had our Mr banks to set the pace. Steve who could only be the talking umbrella was also giving his splendid new Boardman an airing. Just what our most improved rider needs, a quicker machine. He deserves it though. One day I'd like to be good enough to justify that sort of investment.

Steve's new beast

The route was enough to make me want to go fly a kite and the hill to a east Farndon definitely goes up through the atmosphere. Like I said I'm not the quickest the 22 PRs is definitely the sugar that makes my medicine go down. At the top of that decent climb, newbie Derek had spd moment and took one of those clipped in tumbles. Thankfully no harm was done.

Top of East Farndon Hill

My gripe of the evening is with my cadence sensor. I have no idea what rpm I was spinning because the battery was dead. So that's two weeks and I've killed the first battery. I'm not that impressed with that. I'd have liked to have known how hard I was working trying to catch the quick lads once again, out of Harrington I felt like I was making an impression when, wham, I got cramp in both calves. Never mind eh!

Another great night with C&DCYCLES cheers all...chim chimerney chim chim cheroo!

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