Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Vroom Wednesday - Pitsford Reverse

You can't beat a bit of Vroom Wednesday and 16 C&DCC members attending is a fantastic turnout. If you add the two routes together you get the full Pitsford reverse. As it was vroom we do expect to go quicker but at the same time the primary rule of C&DCC is observed "no one gets left behind."

Jonesy was our leader tonight but bless him he hasn't recovered from his ankle knock and wasn't up for it. So we all helped out a bit and as it's a well ridden route we did ok. I did a lot of hanging back and then catching up which means my average was down but I got 31 trophies. I'm very happy with

On the ride tonight I was pleased to do some more catching up with old friends. Richard and Teresa were back and I tried not to drool over that Pinarello Dogma but wow just wow.  I still love Clive though. On that I'm disappointed no-one noticed the sponsor's name on my bike. Good to catch up with Ollie too and I don't think we've seen Phil 'the beast' Broxton for a while. He was of course at his athletic best. The rest of the group was a mix of regulars and relative newbies. All good people and no issues. So thanks all for coming along and enjoying the ride.

I felt the need to tell the KitKat story today so this seemed appropriate decoration

Action shot

Lovely to see peeping Tom back out with us!

Andy couldn't join us tonight which is a shame. He was out today on his own build 9.8. The bike just looks fast standing still, when he gets used to it all the KOM's for miles are at risk. I'm sure a tow behind that tonight would have been a real pleasure.

Finally kudos to Northampton for getting it's own version of the London Boris bikes. I wonder how long it will be before someone takes one on a crazy challenge. Rocky Hill anyone?

Northampton bikes

Happy pedalling

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