Saturday, 19 July 2014

Soggy, flaccid rubber, cake and well studied can only be the C&DCYCLES Saturday club ride!

Today it was hot, hot and wet. To quote a magnificent film : "that's nice if you're with a lady it ain't no good in the jungle!" For those not familiar with Robbin Williams at his very best click here:

My day started as it meant to go on. I washed my gloves yesterday so they'd lost that gone off vinegar smell you get from repeated wearing and sweaty days. Instead of bringing them in with the rest of the washing I left them on the decking table to put with the rest of my kit for the morning! Then I forgot...what a fwit!

Soggy Gloves

On arrival at C&D Cycles, you know who asked me to lead the slow ride. I reminded him we don't have a slow ride and Mark, who made many excellent contributions to the day renamed it the 'banter' ride. Once the cavalcade of expensive lycra and Italian carbon had left we were left as the smaller of the two groups. My group was Mark, Rich, Rob, Rob, Paul, John and Simon. I have to say lads you were a pleasure to lead. Excellent communication, safe riding, helping each other and above all a good spirit.

Today's route is a corker. Out of Kettering on the crater filled Rockingham Road, Glendon, Rushton, Desborough, Braybrooke (over the river Jordan,) Market Harborough, East Farndon taking in the challenging climb that is East Farndon Hill, Clipston and then it should have been Kelmarsh but like last year the road was closed for the history event.

So we took in another good hill to Naesby past Fairfax's viewing platform and the obelisk on the site of the windmill. If you don't know about all that then check out a blog I did earlier this year.

Going up Naesby Hill Mark noted that I was getting some funny noises from Clive, it was the dreaded hiss, hiss, hiss that indicates a puncture. However when we stopped my tyre seemed fine, until we moved again and pop my tyre was instantly flacid. Another puncture, good grief I'm seriously not impressed with these GP 4season tyres! What happened next was a total clown show. Without the aid of he who must not be named we really are a shambles. The first inner tube I tried was useless. It was one I'd repaired from before as I hadn't replaced the tube I used last week yet. As is our way Rich gave me a new inner tube to use and as is right I bought him one back when we got back to C&DCYCLES. Then we tried about five mini pumps before getting any success. .The ridiculous way that pumping mimics masturbation had Rich in stitches but then it appears he rivals Big Steve for the title of team filth monger. It reminded me of this:

Swiss Tony

Look at that handsome young man

I'm disappointed you missed the wink Rich

When we eventually got going again it was off down boomshanka Lane past the Buddhist retreat, the Kelmarsh, Harrington, Rothwell and back to Kettering. On our way we encountered the short, sharp shock that is Bunker Hill. I ride this Hill most days and it's very hard. My best speed up the segment is 13.8mph. Bewilderingly David White has gone up it at 22mph. I have no idea how he did that!

Bunker Hill looking down

Back at the shop we were treated to my wife's magnificent Guinness cake. The queen of cakes surpasses herself with this one. Although all of her cakes are good and saying ones better than another is as futile as an argument about who's better: Ironman or Batman (it's Ironman though.) the cake was so well received I heard Ken swear for the first time ever as he expressed his gratitude. 

There was also the news that my Uncle and Cousin had been into buy road bikes. I'd like to see cuz join the club. Although it might be a bit early in the morning for him ;) love you Iain!

Amazing cake

Finally the banter reached gargantuan levels. Rich in particular became obsessed with a pair of wellys. These were quite new boots and didn't look overused. Really I think he should concentrate on something more seasoned. Never the less these were fine Wellys. Such was Rich's fervour for the 
rubber footwear I heard two words I thought would never issue from Steve's mouth. "Calm down," I nearly passed out from the shock!

There's been a delay in writing this blog due to a killer attack of cramp. No sympathy please. After a two week break from beer I got back off the wagon in style. That plus he humid conditions and spinning up the hills contributed to the dreaded leg lock! Another lesson I need to learn. 

I'm hoping to get out again tomorrow for the Sunday ride. I loved cycling today, so much that I had a great big grin on my face when I got home.

Happy pedalling!

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