Thursday, 10 July 2014

Commute commute commute

Todays lunch bag

I'm enjoying this ride to work malarkey. It's quite an operation though. My work clothes are scattered around the office as are a number of C&DCYCLES drawstring bags. Very handy for carrying my lunch in an not cumbersome like a rucksack. However I keep leaving them behind so today I had to borrow off the kids. Appropriately I had Niamh's bike ability bag. More on that in a minute. The other very helpful thing has been working in the same town as my wife. She's very handy for bringing bits and bobs to me, so I'm very lucky.

Niamh's bag comes from the course that all of her year at school had the opportunity to complete. Better still they did it in school time, so clearly the teachers felt it was important. Kudos to Rothwell Junior, I'm sure all parents would appreciate this opportunity.

Some interesting riding from a fellow cyclist today. In Kettering she just ignored the pedestrian at a crossing and carried on. I stopped, let the lady cross and then caught up with what appeared to be an oblivious woman on a bike. I told her what I thought and she smiled back blankly, so guess that was a waste of time. It annoys me though because those are the cyclists who give us all a bad name.

Then as I was watching traffic cops, a programme where we all get to laugh at the stupidity of motorists this happened...

They went under the police tape!

This bunch of potential Darwin Award nominees ignored road closed due to flood warnings and cycled through. They told the cops "we don't let a bit of rain stop us!" Twits. 

Right I know nothing about the tour today so fingers crossed I can enjoy the tour highlights in peace.

Happy Peddaling 

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