Saturday, 5 July 2014

Andy's first day of the tour C&DCYCLES shop ride

Today's shop ride was simply splendid. Good route, iffy but bearable weather, good company and exceptional scenery, especially in Pytchley. Some exceptional banter too but this is one time when we really do need to stick to the rule: what goes on the ride to start the tour, stays on the ride to start the tour!

Andy (mention) had planned a slightly longer 36 miler to celebrate the first day of the Tour de France, for me it ended up as 48 miles. I had thought about taking on this month's Fondo and doing 80 miles but a combination of not liking the conditions and forgetting my jelly beans stopped me from doing that. In the end that's a good thing because this was a pretty tough route taking in hills at Naesby, Brixworth and Walgrave which teach your legs a lesson or two!

We were going to do two groups but ended up as one. Everyone in the club is making progress but non more than Rich McNab who a few weeks ago struggled on a much easier ride. If he keeps this up Ride London will be really enjoyable for him.

Andy (mention) was showing off his new bit of kit, the Garmin 1000. Apart from the fact none of us could access the planned route from the garmin site everything else about this GPS bike computer is very impressive. I'm not sure I'd part with 500 notes for one but I can see the appeal.

The obelisk at the top of Naesby Hill

Quick change of route in Walgrave

When we got back to the shop it was the usual tea and cake. Then we started having a look at Andy's (mention) new bike. Well the bits. First we handled the saddle which weighed less than the packaging, then the handlebars which were light as a feather and then finally the Boardman Elite 9.8 frame which weighed about as much as my shoe. My goodness that's going to be some bike!

The five miles home from the shop were very relaxing and I feel I had a sense of relief I wasn't going for the Fondo today. Nothing for it when I got home though. Clive was filthy after the damp start and puddly roads so a clean was in order. I know Andy (mention) will approve.

That's what I call a good day on the bike, now I'm settling down with a cuppa for the last 20km of the tour first stage.

Happy Pedaling

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