Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Follow the yellow brick road...

So this was last ride before Oz! I'm not sure I've mentioned this but we're off to Queensland, Australia for the whole of August. Two years planning and frankly there's only three things I'll miss: the dogs, proper beer and my bike. I am hoping to do the odd ride but it won't be the same.

So tonight's ride was quite a send off. It's vroom so we go quicker and due to a conversation in the week we decided to test ourselves on the KCC Old circuit, so called because it starts an ends near Old and not because they have a new one somewhere else. The plan was to show Jonesy in particular that TT is not an unrealistic pipe dream and to give the lad a goal for next year.

Hightower with a small child's bike

At the shop a very healthy group gathered and it was good too see Nathan who was the proud recipient of his cubs cycling badge today in honour of his attention seeking accident. The bike he's stood by is a normal size for an adult and in fact one of those very popular Boardman's.

To the route and my word some of the lads were quick tonight. I wasn't, I was pretty much the slowest but the thing about TT or the race or truth is that you're only really competing with yourself. The course is about a strava segment all of it's own well it's a few actually with different start points. 

Here you go I'm a very hopeless 169th out of 188 but...that's a PR for me, so I improved. It's baby steps but I used to trundle around struggling to average 15mph so it's getting better and that's all any of us want isn't it?  Definitely need a lot more before I try this for real but I think next season is a realistic goal and I truly hope Jonesy will join me. I also have to do it because I have family history to live up to. In the 1930s my Grandad, Alan Lindsley, rode a100 mile time trial on a fixed cog steel bike in under 6 hours. We're spoilt with all our equipment these days, those lads back then really were hard men of the road.

Meanwhile the club whizz kids were smashing it. Andy (mention) on his Boardman dream machine and as if to prove a point Steve on his Aluminium winter bike really tore it up and Greg was pretty special too. I hope they have a go for real because they can do well.

By all accounts everyone is pretty ruined tonight. My legs feel pretty stiff so I guess vroom did it's job. I'm going to miss the club rides and especially the people of C&DCYCLES CC. I am however determined on my return from Australia to keep trying as hard as I can. Who knows one day I'll be able to keep up with Steve.

Our leader

Happy Pedaling

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