Monday, 7 July 2014

A tale of two rides

This morning I had a lovely ride to work. Beautiful sunny day. I felt pretty fresh and wham it's a 6th place on a target segment. Looks like Andy was right I can get a top ten! Cycling is awesome.

This afternoon I left work in the rain having forgotten to take my rain jacket, I punctured about half a mile from home and was locked out when I got home! Cycling can suck!

One of the nicest things is I announced my puncture on bike friends chat and straight away people were trying to help or checking I was ok. Andy offered to come and pick me up! Good lads at C&DCYCLES!

I'm disappointed that my front gator has finally failed, I was beginning to think it was impregnable but unfortunately it was beaten by a piece of glass.

The cut gator

The offending piece of glass

Someone once told me that superglue in cuts can prolong the life of tyres. So I've superglued that hole changed the inner tube and re-inflated the tyre. Then I did some reading. It appears there are two schools of thought on the superglue issue. One says it works the other says it doesn't. I guess I'm about to find out. If it doesn't work that gator owes me nothing.

In other news it looks like some of the C&DCYCLES riders have had a great time following the Tour de France. Some good pictures on Facebook and our very own Jonesy is enjoying being a Tour maker. I'm looking forward to the highlights later. I like to record the highlights and watch them over breakfast the next day, well I used to record them but now ITV player works through my telly there's no need. Life really has changed from setting the VHS to record the channel 4 highlights.

For me this stage will always remain my favourite tour memory as Stephen Roche saved his yellow jersey with an epic recovery on L'Alpe d'huez

Happy Peddaling 

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