Thursday, 17 July 2014

Ride to work will save the world!

So I did some research and it turns out that cycling to work has boosted the UK economy massively during the recession. Firstly cycle sales and repairs provides millions of pounds to the economy. Cyclists take less days off sick reducing staffing costs and burden on the NHS. Reduced pollution emissions is better for the environment AND means we spend less on reducing the impact. Sustrans have worked out that dedicated cycle tracks are the only transport link that makes money rather than adds pressure to local and national economies. So next time a fwit in a fiesta abuses you with some road tax nonsense the reply is simple: "desist you ridiculous buffoon and I'm endeavouring to
enhance your health and well being!"

Get lost filthy cars!

I'm loving the influence if the blog this week. Andy (Brown,) decided to ride to work after reading the blog and Olly came to vroom because of the Saturday blog. Two more cyclists saving the world!

Happy pedalling

Ps to make Andy from C&DCYCLES super happy Lee is making her famous Guinness cake for Saturday. If that doesn't get you out then nothing will!


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