Monday, 30 June 2014

Standard commute plus strava mystery solved!

Quite pleased today. As it's Monday I had to lug a big old rucksack to work so the PR on Glendon Burn was a pleasant surprise. Even nicer was the beep beep from Andy in the C&DCYCLES van as I got into Kettering.

On the way home I decided to keep going with the 90rpm obsession but only from the roundabout at Glendon Industrial Estate because town traffic is a pain! During that whizz I hap an epiphany. The missing strava segment from last week is probably because it finishes too near my house. That's exactly the problem so I've recreated it outside my 'privacy' zone. I've also created a segment for the bit I was trying on this evening.

So last week I set myself two commuting targets and now I've got four. Numbers, numbers, numbers!

In the world of pro cycle racing it's been a bit interesting. Firstly big kudos to Laura 'the giggle' Trott and Peter Kennaugh on becoming the road race champions of Britain. No shocks really as they represent the big two in a British Cycling of Wiggle Honda and Team Sky. What is a big shock is the number of British riders in this years Tour de France. It's 3! I thought those days were way behind us. British cycling has been on a meteoric rise which I didn't think had peaked with sir Brad but there's the facts. In the year that two out of three grand tours started in the UK it's the lowest number of British riders since 2008. Is this the decline of British cycling or just a blip?

Happy Pedalling

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