Sunday, 27 July 2014

Amazing Sunday Super Steve Mystery Tour

Wow! Just wow! What a great Sunday ride with the lads and lasses of C&DCYCLES CC. Sunday as stated is not a beginner ride like Saturday but a longer ride where we aim to go as quick as the group allows but always observing rule 1 - no man or woman or indeed Bod gets left behind.

I left home in one of those last minutes dashes. So it didn't help when I encountered James and Darren going for a run. These two super heroes are instructors at Rothwell Jado, a superb martial art which my kids have unfortunately given up. Sam didn't really get it and Niamh decided to prioritise Athletics and Gymnastics where she excels. This was a bit of a relief to us as they both do so much. However I must give Jado a further plug, if your looking for a martial art to get your kids into I think it's very very good. A bit more on James and Darren: these two have recently completed the three peaks challenge of Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon. They also did this mad yoga thing of about a billion sun salutations, all for charity. You get the picture. Good lads!

A big group greeted me at the shop and right from word go the social media tarts were fishing for blog mentions. So for fairness you all get a mention now. The group was Chris B, Olly, Neil, Rich W, Ken, Tony, Teresa, Heather, Iain, Steve, Frank, Paul K and me.

We started at a furious pace. Big Steve and his impressive Boardman dragging us in his wake. If we'd kept that up the whole ride would've taken about 3 hours. I felt great for about 25 miles and then the pace got to me. After that I struggled  to keep up but still managed an average over 16, which is good for me.

Bit of a stop

The rest of the group

Gran Fondo Jerseys

Olly and Teresa were sporting Gran Fondo Jerseys which you qualify to buy if you've completed the Strava challenge. Today was a potential day for me to complete the 80 miles as it should have been nearly 70 by the time I got home. Even today I'd have managed another 10 miles. That's all great unless you've been a dufus and forgotten to start you Strava until Windmill Avenue. I've consoled myself that those Jerseys are very pricey and I couldn't justify the cost. Bloody nice though.

Point of interest

Action shot

Another action shot

 I'm grateful to others today for helping me on the ride. The epic dash drafting Neil to catch the group was great fun. Iain also gave me a great drag to a Warkton where I have my traditional lull. Prize of the day goes to Chris who helped me out of Islip pushing with one hand whilst still riding himself. He did admit he was after my jelly beans. Anyway thanks lads.

Back at the shop it was time for very welcome tea and cake. I must admit I was ruined. I did have enough energy to take snaps of Mrs Lindsley's dream bike. She has her eyes on this classic red shopper and would like a basket on the front. Not for us Mamil's but  really think it would suit her!

Red Bike


Finally there is some concern that whilst I'm in Australia there will be no blog and worse still no cake from Lee. Well lads there will be no cake from us but there will be something to blog I promise. I can't believe it's 5 sleeps until we fly. Even more unbelievable is that Olly knew nothing about our trip to Queensland. I'm sure I'd mentioned it! What won't be necessary is the contraption below which Steve and Chris felt I could use on the plane.

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