Monday, 14 July 2014

Commute, excellent service, lard and some twonkers

Ok so it was standard commute time again today. Well standard except I nibbled up another place on my target segment and now bewilderingly I'm 4th on the ridiculous sprint section that is finish hard. Hopefully I can find another notch and make a top three. That would be rare company indeed for me. I also better do it quick before those Boardman's unleash on the segment.

On arrival at work I crossed the number 14 off on my Oz countdown board and unbelievably there are just two more Mondays at work before we go to Brisbane. When we committed to save for this
holiday three years ago it didn't feel real. Now it's as real as Saints being the English champions.

A quick change and then I got Clive up to Andy at C&DCYCLES for some tinkering. Things were clicking and clunking so frankly he needed a once over. I dropped Clive off at 9:30 and picked him up at 4:30. My little longcliffe is now super smooth and good as new. Great work as ever Andy and by way of thanks Mrs Lindsley will provide cakes for the Saturday CLUB ride.

Not quite me

As ever I'm thinking of ways to improve my equipment and on that score I've taken a look in the mirror and realise the best upgrade I can make is to me. I've been battling the lard since I realised trying to bulk up for Rugby really wasn't necessary anymore. At my heaviest I've been a shade under 16stone. Right now I'm 14st 5lbs under ideal conditions, I think most fellow fatties will realise I mean first thing, after my morning 'routine,' and before I've had anything to eat or drink. For the last few years, despite having cycling in my life I've yo- yo'd between 15 and 13 and a half stone. Like the rest
of the world I tried 5:2 and it does work but I didn't like it with cycling. The most effective thing I've done is My Fitness Pal and that's what I'm back on. It works for me because I monitor what I eat but also because anything I burn on the bike I can add to my daily allowance. So if I want a few beers and a pizza, I need to get some quality miles in. Anyway I think 13 is my magic number and I'm determined to get there.

On my return home I decided to try the Northfield Avenue cycle paths. They're not bad actually, quite a bit smoother than the roads. The total twonkers on cheap 'mountain' bikes I shared the path with were however a bit disappointing. These helmet less buffoons were weaving all over the place, kerb hoping and a menace to other vehicles. At one point they shot across the road with the last sliding sideways as he locked up in the path of an oncoming car. More candidates for Darwin awards.

There is however a highlight on this route in the rather amusing advice from KBC. It really could be a mantra to live by!

Happy pedalling

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