Monday, 21 July 2014

Commute with an old new tyre

Ok so the idea of documenting a whole year of rides seemed great in January and I have had a jolly good ride all over the county and as the original blog title suggested beyond! However finding things to write about on my 5 mile commute is becoming an increasing challenge. Yes I went up bunker hill, yes I had a go at finish hard and yes I braved the cycle routes of Kettering. What else can I say?

Well there's my tyre issue. This morning I swapped off that trashed GP 4 season for the perfectly good 23mm gatorskin it replaced. It took me no time at all and once again I got the tyre back on without a tyre lever. I'm getting way too much practice at that!

On my way home tonight I met Steve around Glendon, no idea what he shouted but I extended greetings in his general direction before a thought occurred to me...hang on I'm riding into a head wind the wrong way down finish hard and Steve has just thrashed his big ring down my obsession. Hang on...finish hard...tail wind? I'm having some of that. So I chucked a U-ey at blue bridge and had another crack at it. What a waste of time, I didn't make a dent on my previous best. Sometimes I wished I never discovered strava!

There have been concerns that there will be no blog whilst I'm in Oz (11 days!) Well fear not I have plans. Firstly there are bikes at my sisters I can take for a spin, so an explore is on the cards. Then when the queen of cakes and I have a few days to ourselves in Sydney w're planning on visiting these blokes:

As well as that I feel that C&DCYCLES really has no presence down under and that needs to change, never fear Emperor and Lord Vader I will spread the name of the greatest bike shop in the galaxy! Plus I have stiff competition for the best C&DCYCLES photo from a far away place. So Australia Zoo, the Gold Coast, Stradey Island, Sydney Opera House you name it, it's happening! Of course I've not talked about this before so you'll all be amazed about my holiday of a lifetime!

The only downer is my mates at C&DCYCLES CC will be riding in the biggest sportive going at Ride London. I do have some jealousy over this bit at the same time I really can't complain. Would I swap places with any of them? No! I do want to do this ride next year though. They have a team sponsor page. If you can contribute please do, it's a great cause they're riding for:

Happy pedalling 

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