Wednesday, 9 July 2014

It's Wednesday it's vroom

Only four amigos for tonight's vroom. Jonesy, the vroom stalwart, injured his ankle being a tour maker. The clumsy clot fell off a kerb. Unlucky mate we've all been there! So he had a good excuse but being committed he still met us at the shop before the ride. So tonight, Andy (no not that one,) Rob (that's a definite confirmed Rob not a David in disguise,) and I were led by the magnificent Major on his Boardman flying machine.

The route was excellent. Very hilly for vroom but also not just standard fayre, which is nice. The only bits I didn't like were the urban bits but you can always avoid towns. With only four of us we didn't really get the benefit of group riding and there was a bit of a wind bringing averages down.

Nice new continental Grand Prix 4 seasons

I decided it really was time to replace that tired old gator so I've upgraded to a Grand Prix 4 seasons. It's a 25mm again so with the relatively new 23mm gator on the back my unintentional mismatch continues. Andy (yes you this time,) at C&DCYCLES will be very proud of me as I managed to fit the tyre without the use of tyre levers, just like the pros do...well apart from it taking twenty minutes! First impressions are good, I think I like this upgrade. I will get a matching back one when the rear gator has had a bit more wear. The benefits are supposed to be the same puncture protection but a lighter tyre with more grip and lower rolling resistance.

Not much else to say apart from I pretty much know about the tour being a wet old affair on the cobbles and Froome dropping out making it the poorest British showing in years. No need to watch the highlights then! Sometimes bike friends can be a disadvantage!

Happy Pedaling 

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