Friday, 31 October 2014


I'm currently pre-writing this in anticipation of some riding today. Right now it's drizzling outside and I'm not feeling the love for my commute to work. Luckily I don't have to go just yet so I've had a browse to see what gems I'm can find. The first of today's links is a real surprise. It's from The Times! I'm, given my liberal tendencies, more of a Guardian man and usually view one of Murdoch's publications with suspicion but Cities fit for cycling page is a great resource. Have a wander around on it, there's some great features. A browse of youtube unearthed something quite different and not something I'd recommend but hey it looks fun

and then I found a great piece on the inspiration for all bike mechanics everywhere:

It irks me a bit that the youtube feature on blogger just doesn't work (UPDATE: I may have just fixed this!!!) However the Vimeo one does and I found this recent cyclo-x race from the States. Here's the link to the page, looking out of my window I'd say it looks a lot nicer in California and I'd definitely have a go at this if I lived there! Probably the fancy dress ride though, those racers look a bit special.

2014 Surf City Cyclo-X Series Race 1 from Hans Kellner on Vimeo.

It's still drizzling outside, stupid soggy island! I need some miles today because I'm out for dinner tonight. Extra calories into myfitnesspal means extra portions in

Ok this is what I finally achieved on an extended lunch break. Anyone concerned about the effect on the NHS should know I miss more lunch breaks than I take so the odd extension really isn't an issue. I was hoping to dodge the raindrops but I failed miserably. I was saturated, way beyond moist, super soggy, soaking wet! My average was abysmal and that's not lack of effort, it was just too wet to fly round bends and dash down hills. The lovely climb from Arthingworth was more riding in a stream than riding up a road. The weather may have been miserable but I felt great. I'm not sure that rule #14 is all that important all I know is the worst bit of riding in bad weather is getting started. The key is the right gear. With leg warmers, winter Jersey and rain jacket I was fine. Because I was too hot on Sunday I left the overshoes off and stuck to standard mitts. Once I got going it was fine and its a few more calories for the Tapas!

Happy pedalling

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