Friday, 24 October 2014

Back in the saddle

I'm going to break with tradition and not include my Strava routes today. It's just my commute. If you read this blog you know my route, if you don't, welcome to my blog and have a look at some older posts you'll find my commute then you'll know.

So what's new today? Well not a lot. It's been a week since man flu struck and as a result I got that jolt of exhilaration that a week off the bike always gives. Zipping down Glendon road towards Bunker Hill I thought - oh yeah I like this. Then that slope of doom kicked in and I was telling the terrible Tarmac incline how much I hated it. I do hope people don't hear my road chat at times because frankly I sound a bit mad.

On the way in I was spotted by some fellow c&ders. Jonesy paid testament to my near Eskimo hardness by commenting it was brave to be in shorts. It's October Jonesy of course I'm in shorts soft lad! Then I was spotted and beeped by Our leader, Lord Vader. He was pulling into the Death Star in the shop tie fighter.

That was that on the way in. No road rage incidents nothing amazing segment wise, the average was all a bit average but it was nice to be back on the bike. I checked facebook when I got into work and
found that I'd been tagged into a GCN share. If you haven't watched their videos, well you should because it's the lighter side of cycling we all need...

The other good thing I found today was an article by a motoring organisation telling cars that they don't own the road. Very refreshing. So here's the link

The day at work was a long one. Yes it started with me checking social media but then it got izzy whizzy lets get busy on an epic level. So I left a lot later than usual on a Friday. Dear Jeremy Hunt, you owe me extra today. That was bad news because I rode straight into the rainstorm. Yikes, time to get inventive. I decided to put my work blackberry in my lunchbox, the actual tuppawear item not somewhere more intimate. Half way home the roads were rivers and I switched my angst from the road to the weather. Unfortunately Mother Nature wasn't interested and the rain did not follow my advice to piddle off. That was one very moist twenty minutes!

Ok that's it I've blogged. Club rides tomorrow so the blog will have a lot more quality. Enjoy the links.

Happy pedalling

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