Monday, 27 October 2014

Guy Martin tribute commute!

No STRAVA routes again because it's just the commute. This mornings ride to work is dedicated to king of lamb chops, master of speed, man who never says anything just once, Guy Martin. If you haven't managed to watched any of his Speed series, why have you been wasting your life? If you weren't aware that series 2 has started...WAKE UP! This is simply the best telly ever. He may be more famous for his motorbike racing but he's a serious cyclist and the only man alive who I still respect despite using the phrase 'push bike.' (Eurgh I feel dirty typing it!)

For more info check out this link - Guy Martin Speed - it's back!

Due to the wonder of catch up TV I watched it this morning. Well I tried to, the last quarter of the show was delayed by the wifi going down. Ooh I was cursing Virgin media! However I got ready for work and watched the last bit in my lycra, it felt more authentic that way.

When I set off I had an extra bounce in my pedals and the shows theme music was my commuting ear worm. Riding my bike is usually enough to put me in a good mood so the added joy of euphoria for the eyes made my day!

At work I managed to get my bike to work order forms signed so I'm soon to have some tax free spending power. All good there, preparing for bike shopping. I think you all know I'm doing that at c&dcycles!

The journey home was, due to the relentless advance of British winter time, in the dark. No problem there, with my trusty one23 extreme bright it wasn't a problem.

The legs however still feel stiff so I need to take my own advice and rest for a couple of days. This was clear from the latest Speed episode. You get fitter when you rest not whilst you're on the bike. Other bits of note were the skin calliper test and even though in his own words there's more meat on a butchers pencil Guy needed to lose an extra 5kg to be in peak condition for his challenge. I wonder if he uses myfitnesspal? Another interesting fact was that you can only absorb one litre of water an hour. So there's no point guzzling like mad! Anyway I'm not spoiling anymore of it, watch yourself it's flipping marvelous!

Happy Peddaling

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