Thursday, 9 October 2014

Good morning ride, hideous evening ride...

So today was pretty much these ride as yesterday. Thankfully the wind had dropped and it was dry. I felt good on the bike and a much healthier average of 16.7mph was achieved. The only downer was Clive was noisy again, and it was the same clanking as Sunday. I had thought this was fixed with the new bottom bracket expertly and swiftly fitted by Andy at C&Dcycles, especially as it was obvious after removal that the old BB was indeed shot. However I'm sure the King Fiddler will find the problem and all will be smooth again soon.

So after a good days training, where we were interrupted by a fierce gale in the afternoon, I was looking forward to my ride home. Then it happened. Between Rockingham Road and Cottingham Road on the A6003 I was passed by a Blue Ford Transit. Then whack I was hit square on my ear by something cold and wet. My best guess is that they threw water at me. Luckily I didn't lose balance because I'm sure if I'd come off the next car would have gone straight over me. I was furious. Unfirtunately I didn't get the number plate. I reported itto the police anyway so they can track this in case it becomes a worrying trend. The rest of my ride was filled with angry thoughts.

Nothing else to say, I hope you had a better day!

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