Friday, 17 October 2014

Snotty commute

Well no strava errors today but not great riding I'm afraid. I'm in the grips of Man flu and even the Saturday club ride may be missed. That's right this is serious.

So there's no records no achievements no nothing really about today's cycling. I did get annoyed at the cars squeezing me on the Rockingham Road. They were all driving on the bikes and when I pointed this out through an open window I got told I shouldn't be 'speeding!' This mornings average was 15.5mph, so not exactly fast.

On a brighter note and you will get this pun shortly, I got the chance to give Clive a good clean this evening. No new products were involved this time however I did get a good shine and quite clean cogs and chain with just washing up liquid, water and GT85. So even if I'm not ready for a spin tomorrow Clive is. The trouble with cleaning is its like a CRB check, it's only good the day you do it. Personally I think it's good to take care of your equipment though so I'm going to keep up the velohygiene.

Right I need to find more tissues.
Happy pedalling

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