Saturday, 4 October 2014

Soggy Saturday Shock to the System

Well that was a bit damp! I'd say it was the first day of Autumn after we've been spoilt by this extended Summer and what a shock to the system it was. We all struggled a bit in the cold and wet but I remember laughing at much worse weather last year, especially my New Years Day ride with a long lost brother of C&DCYCLES CC.

The route was a variation on our classic Oundle loop. Most of the places we visited have all been mentioned in previous blogs. The county is a bit different in that direction. It's less hilly and the cottages in the villages tend to be made of a light grey stone rather than the vivid deep orange of Old Red Sandstone. It's all still a bit picture postcard though. Andy led the quick lads, Steve led the social ride and I was as usual arse end Charlie. I was really pleased to see so many riders despite the weather and I must comment on some excellent group riding. After a couple of weeks of needing to remind people how we do things, today went without a hitch. Communication, role modelling, consideration for others and sensible riding was observed by all. So thanks to all C&D Cycles CC riders, you are a credit to your club.

Struggling the most today was Claire. She suffered the quadruple whammy of the sudden change of weather, riding her heavier less responsive winter bike, having a bug in the week and the desire to ride being stronger than common sense. I've been there myself. Last year I tried to ride the Silverstone Circuit Breaker after a week of flu (flu, not man flu, don't start with me ladies.) I knew I wasn't 100% but I didn't want to let people down. It was stupid and is a lesson learnt. So my advice is: if you've been unwell, recover properly before you ride. Easy advice to give, as demonstrated its not as easy to follow!

On the roll out

Action shot on Warkton Hill

Ginger Tom

Up the hill from Pilton

Going round the bend

It's the dark one's birthday

Storm trooper Cake 

Guinness cake gets demolished 

Rich is relieved to get the last slice of apparently the greatest cake ever!

Back at the shop the general air of dampness descended into the usual comments of "moist," and usual banter. Rich had requested Guinness cake from my wife, the Queen of cakes. Because he kindly made sure Claire got home ok he very nearly missed out on a cake demolished in seconds. He was relieved about this though as he claims he'd happily eat his own weight in Guinness cake! Andy also provided cake as it was his birthday. As Darth Vader was unavailable he settled for a storm trooper cake. I'm faithful to my wife so didn't try it, however it did look good! Never underestimate the relationship between cycling and cake.

I love it when people who haven't been for a while join us for a ride and on that I was thrilled today to see Tom. He's been racing this year and is well above our standard, he also works a lot on Saturdays. I will never forget how much Tom has helped me in the past. In particular Tom was part of a group of riders who "carried" me round the 3 counties sportive, my first 100 mile ride. So don't be a stranger mate!

Well that's that. I'm now waiting for my sporting heroes to get under way and for a break in the rain to walk the dogs. Great ride and I'm looking forward to doing it again tomorrow.

Happy Pedalling

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