Thursday, 16 October 2014

Quick, well it may have been quick, commute!

So this morning I decided to go for it, really go for it. I wanted at least an 18mph average on my 5 mile commute to work. I'm sure I smashed it but we will probably never know because I've had a strava fail. we've all had them, technology lets us down...well when you really look most techno issues are operator error and it's no different here. I forgot to start it! So I arrived at work in a dripping mess for no other reason than my health. Oh hang on that's the point isn't it?

My ride to work was the standard Bunker Hill, Glendon Road, Rockingham Road, through town and into Station Road. You've all seen it, it's not that interesting really. 

You'll see from above I came home the more interesting way. I got a top ten on Bowhill Bother, but there's only 33 riders on that segment so perhaps not that impressive. Another PR and a load of 2's too so I'm happy with my ride home.

Not much else to say but I have had twitter feedback from NCC to say they're sorry about the Q&A session. The person arrived late apparently due to organising staff cover. They also said they're going to email me. Nothing on that yet!

I'll have another smash at the ride in tomorrow. Let's hope I start Strava this time!!!

Happy Pedalling

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