Wednesday, 8 October 2014

A different kind of commute

Today I had the good fortune of working in Corby. This not only gave me the chance to ride a different route but also to take part in some Theraplay training. Now you may not know that Corby is the epicentre of a very impressive attachment Therapy but hey now you do!

For me this was a pair of very weird rides. I dawdled over in the morning at a miserable 14mph average so I decided on the way back to improve on that. I smashed along between 17-20mph all the way to East Carlton Park and the I turned into the wind and well that was that, a load of PRs set in the first couple of miles and then an even slower average!

The route itself is a real Jekyll and Hyde. It's lovely country Lanes to a East Carlton Park and then fast A roads into Corby. If I could leave half a hour earlier I could of course detour through Cottingham and then take on Rocky. Let's see what time I get up tomorrow with that silly idea now planted in my head.

I made it home tonight just before the weather broke! News from my club mates is that vroom was a washout so it sounds like I made it just in time. I'm now sat blogging in front of the log burner powered by wood from my good cycling buddies! The weather looks better tomorrow though so we've all got that to look forward to.

Happy pedalling

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