Saturday, 1 November 2014

Super Saturday Shop/club ride

Ok so I have a new toy in my garmin Virb elite camera. I think I have some great footage from today's ride but unfortunately our home PC is still running on XP and it's not compatible. So you'll have to wait. As I type I'm upgrading the PC. It's not a quick job!

I'm also enjoying a beer after a month off due to:

So one wheat beer in I'm hammered! Blogging in this merry state will present a challenge! Andy 'Lord Vader' Ferguson, the c&dcycles shop manager and the man who conceived our wonderful club led the social/banter/beginner ride today. I was his tail gunner and I have to say apart from one challenge I think we made a great team. We have the same ethos and values when it comes to this ride: safety, togetherness, fun. Therefore it worked. We also understand the need to communicate.

On the ride today were some newbies; Wendy and Steve and I think they did great. Riding in a group is difficult especially learning the calls and signals. It was obvious that their confidence grew on the ride.

We had a couple of issues out on the route. One rider started to struggle and wants us to leave her. We don't do that! Rule one is no one gets left behind. Rule two is always observe rule one. Unfortunately we were so busy following rule one that we accidentally forgot rule one! That led to me and Andy heading back to find someone. However alls well that ends well and we found our missing man!

That's it for today! I need to sort the IT issues and tomorrow I have a big Steve challenge of. Epic proportions.

Happy pedalling

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