Saturday, 25 October 2014

Saturday's are the best!

So back to the bread and butter of my riding week, the C&DCycles CC Saturday club ride. As per usual it was two groups. Lord Vader headed out with the quicks and I'm proud as anything of Rich McNab for making the transition up. Who'd have known that the lad hanging out of his arse a few months back, who was also getting the jitters about Ride London, would be heading out for 30 miles at 17-20mph average? Well I did. Rich is nothing but determined. Andy says I'm next! Yeah maybe!!!

As per usual I was happy to tail gun the social/beginner/banter/classic ride. This week we were led by big Steve or after his exploits with his huge hammer, Thor! The group was the usual mix or regulars and infrequents, there's many of us I can see stepping up from that lot. There's little of note to make of the riding other than it was safe, considerate and good fun. It's so easy when we have weeks like this.

We were a little quiet to start with and ironically, as we were in Burton when I said something, I did wonder if people had had their weetabix. People perked up at that point which left me to wonder about the demise of our local businesses. Weetabix is now owned by a Chinese company and
Northamptonshire's other famous product Dr Martens boots are made in China. I can't help thinking we've thrown local treasures away for short term greed...

Oh sorry I'll get back to cycling

On the ride there was the usual banter. Cycling banter for the unintiated is a mix of taking the piss out of each other and bike based innuendo. I'm sure others can add to this but here's some of the things that get a titter:
Big ring
Can't get it in (pedal related)
Coming from behind
Bringing up the rear
Getting penetrated (puncture related)

The list goes on and when certain club members are present it appears virtually inexhaustible. Still it's good to laugh when you're out on a bike, it takes your mind off things like hills or a stiff breeze (ooh look I said stiff!)

Ok enough of that here's a few more pics on what was a beautiful Autumn day.

The pictures do show how it was, bright, fresh and light winds.

Back at the shop it was the usual fare of tea and cake. Andy was proudly using his new cup and I agreed it was pic worthy. That's blatant product placement in the background as the shop is promoting the Garmin Virb camera. I'd love one of those so who knows I may be product testing one of those beauties in the near future.

That's it for today I need to get my butt down to Northampton to watch those mighty Saints!

Happy Pedalling

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