Saturday, 11 October 2014

Foggy Saturday Club Ride

The loop is the ride, to and from Rothwell is just my bit!

Another Saturday and another super club ride. I got to the shop early so that the king fiddler could have a look at my clicky, cranky bike. To my surprise Andy handed the bike to shop owner Chris so I guess I was looked after by the Emporer Fiddler. Some expert fiddling and I was assured that the clicks and clinks were not terminal. It does however look like new pedals will be required at some stage. At the shop there was a few familiar faces including the bushy beard of Neil.

Unbelievably Neil is only 53

Andy asked me if I could lead the social group and I was more than happy to do this. I knew he'd be reluctant but I asked Rich to tail gun for me, I was hoping a more positive experience would get him back into the swing of things. To be fair the group didn't need a leader. It was very safe, very considerate group riding. Rule 1 was well observed and everyone appeared to enjoy the ride. It wasn't the best day for it either as a thick fog engulfed the countryside. However any group riding in the illumination of my one23 extreme bright doesn't need to worry.

The dead centre of Finedon (sorry)

We stopped for a group shot in the nice bit of Finedon. No that's not an oxymoron, there is a nice bit! If you've only ever driven through on the A6 you've missed it but Finedon from the Burton Road going into Bell Hill is a beautiful place of traditional Northants sandstone buildings. If you can be mature enough to handle the name the Bell Inn looks ok too. We stopped for our pic outside the cemetery which features Commonwealth War Graves so I might need to stop for a proper look one day.

On our return to K town Rich decided he wanted to improve his time on the Deeble Road segment and gave it a blast. Well huge kudos to him because he got a KOM. In contrasting fortunes I achieved a puncture at the same time. Thankfully Andy took pity on me in the shop and helped me sort it out. I can do it myself but like everyone I felt under pressure from interested onlookers.

Also of interest was the new gadget Rob was testing out with his Go Pro. I'm not sure about it being strapped to the chest as it looks more like nipple cam than helmet cam but I'll be pleased to see the results. As we're all worried about incidents like I suffered with the water attack I'd imagine that c&dcycles should get in a job lot of those go pro's. I'm sure Chris could get us a good price.

Cousin Iain

After the ride it was a quick turnaround for me and off to Franklin's Gardens home of the English
Champions, Northampton Saints. It was great to catch up with my cuz and his mate DanorSam just to see beardage to rival Neil. Iain bought a road bike quite recently and is getting to grips with it. So we had a chat about all things cycling and some C&DCC quality banter before the match. The Saints won 43-10 and remain top of the league so that's all good too!

The club are having a social tonight but I'm not going. After cycling all morning and spending all afternoon at the rugby I thought I'd better spend some time with the queen of cakes and the kids. There will I hope be other socials. Have a good time everyone and someone please don't let Rich lead Andy astray again!

Happy pedalling

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