Wednesday, 16 April 2014

vroom Wednesday suits you sir

So on a glorious evening we happy few of the less popular but just as rewarding C&DCYCLES vroom Wednesday, the clubs faster ride, set out on another two wheeled adventure. It all started as it was meant to go on with Big Steve Major the last to arrive greeting us the only way he knows: "evening bellends!"

The route was a bit different for us heading towards Moulton on the outskirts of Northampton and the back along the A5199 through Chapel Brampton, Spratton and Creaton before heading to Naseby. The hill into Naseby is in my opinion the best climb in Northants. 

The banter had been flowing and I appeared to be stuck in a character from the fast show when I noticed an irritation on my face. So it was to howls of derision from my fellow vroomers that I announced in a slightly effeminate and camp way:
"Ooh I have helmet rash, it's quite irritating!"
The lads insisted this should be in the blog tonight, so there you go as promised it's in!

I'm not sure how we came up with the plan for tonight. It is however quite similar for my plan for Good Friday so, sorry about that. Also in the Spring evening sunshine the views were spectacular, especially the low sun over Hollowell reservoir. Unfortunately as this was vroom Wednesday there was no time to get many pictures.

I'm pleased with my ride tonight. Lots of PRs and some new targets for segment chasing. Also Lee knows how much I love the Wednesday ride so she's come up with a plan where I can go every week not just in school holidays. She's a special lady my wife. As I've said before I'm very lucky.

The weather looks good for a few more days so there's plenty more rides to come. I can't wait.

Happy Peddaling

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