Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Another approach to hill training

Tonight was a beautiful evening to be on a bike. A total contrast from yesterday and isn't that typical for this country. Anyway I wanted hills and I wanted to see if valley traversing to maximise the ups and downs was as good a workout as hill repeats. My verdict is erm...I think it's better. Obviously you get longer recovery times but the variance feels more challenging. I'm really pleased with the PRs tonight especially  my old adversary Bunker Hill. I also didn't need to drop to granny ring so that feels good.

I was trying to think up something interesting tonight so it wasn't just "did some hills blah blah blah,'' when a chap on an old colnago came past me. I wanted a closer look at the bike which he told me he'd been given to replace a Masi he snapped! The previous owner of the Colnago has apparently taken up golf. Then he said he needed a flat bar bike because reaching the brakes had become difficult. At this point I noticed he had a prosthetic arm and was holding an adapted handlebar with a metal loop! Wow I said now I have something for the blog, I do hope he's ok with that!

Collecting information about people who overcome difficulties is a bit of a hobby of mine. It's been useful for work to show kids examples of people who succeed despite everything. Things like Sir Steve Redgrave and his diabetes, Richard Branson's dyslexia, Daniel Radcliffe with dyspraxia, Billy Connolly and his abysmal childhood...you get the picture. I get a bit excited about it all and I try to share this with as many as possible. Possibly the worst example of this was when talking to a lady who's son has dwarfism. I tried to give examples of successful people such as Warwick Davis unfortunately her response "yeah yeah he won't be out of work at Christmas," left me a bit red faced!

Back to the ride. I really enjoyed this route, it's a good distance for a quick evening spin and this could become a bit of a regular.

Happy pedalling

Typical Northants valley


Spring sky in England

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