Monday, 21 April 2014

Riding off the Easter Eggs

The weather forecast before the start of the weekend was that Easter Monday could be a washout. Well thank goodness that was wrong. It was pleasant out this afternoon and I nearly stopped to take the base layer off. That sharp lined cycling tan isn't going to do itself is it? Judging by the odd brown lines on my wrists and my brown knees today was a missed opportunity. My average was down under 14mph which is disappointing but then I look at the long list of PRs and I'm astounded that I got a PR on the Brixworth Beast for the second time in 4 days. I'll take that.

The first thing to report is that it wasn't just eggs I got for Easter. Mrs Lindsley is buying me a cracking set of cycling related T-shirts and this joins my Wiggo and Manx Missile (Cavendish,) as a firm favourite.

Talking of favourites, today's route has one of my favourite downhills which I don't use as much as I did a few years ago. This is the hill out of Haselbech heading towards the ridiculously posh Cottersbrooke. A word of warning, the surface isn't that great at the foot of the hill and as it leads onto a gated road, the gate, like it was today can be shut.

As you can see there are sheep on the other side of the gate and they're not impressed by Lycra clad cyclists. Take it easy and make sure you shut the gate. It's worth it. This is beautiful countryside and very quiet. You are just as likely here to see a tractor or a quad as a car.

After Cottersbrooke the road leading to Brixworth could easily be mistaken for a tree lined Avenue in France. Once you get off this road you head up the Brixworth Beast currently showing as a Women's Tour climb. I might not be so impressed once I see how fast the pro ladies zoom up the climb they will no doubt view as a mere bump. For this MAMIL it's tough enough!

Favourite is an overused word on my blog. This bit is true though. The road from Brixworth to Holcot, crossing over the Pitsford Reservoir causeway really is one of my favourites. It has everything. A fast flat bit, a great view of the ressie, a descent and a short sharp climb into Holcot. I love it.

Ok so if I'd carried on snapping the highlights this blog would be awesome. I forgot to take any more pics though because I was enjoying the ride. Sorry about that. Other highlights on my way round are Sywell Airport as it's always fascinating watching the light aircraft and the ride between Broughton and Loddington through Great Cransley. 3 sharp climbs in a row test the legs and I confess I dropped to granny for the last. Had I carried on home to Rothwell from Loddington it would be four of these lactic lung busters. I wanted a few more miles so gave myself a break from the lumpy bits. Three out of four ain't bad. 

Another good ride and it tipped me over 50% for the Strava Spring Classics challenge so that's good. 

Happy Peddaling

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