Sunday, 13 April 2014

a near miss with super sam and ninja niamh

Without trying to sound too dramatic Sam, Niamh and I are lucky to be alive. It should have been very safe. We were crossing the A43 using the pedestrian crossings designed specifically for cyclists to access Weekley Woods. The light takes an age from the traffic light going red to the green cyclist to tell you it's safe. As that happened today I said ok kids and we started to move, out of the corner of my eye a black BMW with no intention of stopping screamed towards the crossing. I yelled stop and luckily the kids did as the oblivious driver went straight through the red light. Other vehicles stared on in horror and then waved us over after the lights has changed green for them. Had that car hit one of us we were dead. I do hope whatever they were rushing to was worth one of our lives. I called the police later but unfortunately there was no camera coverage so nothing can be done. 

Once the fright had quietened we actually had a nice ride. It's a road ride from our house up to Glendon then cycle track to and through Weekley. It's nicely laid out and a good place to ride. On the way back we took the bridle path from Glendon to a Rushton. That's a nice trail ride with some downhills to provide a bit of fun. Coming out of Rushton Sam proved the new bike is working for him.

Despite the scare I would recommend this ride to anyone. Just remember not everyone cares about your safety so trust yourself and no one else.

Action shot on the good track at Weekley Woods

Bridle Path from Glendon

Approaching Rushton

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