Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Quick spin in the drizzle

Typical gateway on my routine ride

Nothing remotely spectacular on interesting about tonight's quick 18 miler. This is one of my regular routes and it has all the bits I like. Bit of up, bit of down, lots of countryside. I must have blogged this exact route before so I'm struggling for things to say other than I like it and that's why it repeats more often than a sprout on Christmas Day.

I just needed some miles tonight. That Strava Spring Classics Challenge is going to be like Waterloo, an incredibly close run thing. Also after collecting PRs frequently on recent rides I'm completely unsurprised to have one of those 'no achievement' rides.

On a more positive note the annoying clicky rubbing noise has gone from my front wheel. Darren cool beans Dunkley said last week that he'd had a similar issue with no obvious cause. His was solved by Andy at C&DCYCLES theory that water gets in via the spoke nipples. The advice was to spray each nipple with water displacer. So a quick squirt of WD40 GT85 (the professionals choice apparently,) on each spoke at the rim (I'd stopped saying nipple due to the innuendo, I think I just made that worse.) Anyway the noise has I indeed gone. So thanks Darren and Andy, you boys know your rims, nipples and lubricants.

Here's the route:

Happy Peddaling

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