Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Vroom Wednesday Ohana

For those of you not familiar with the great cinematographic work that is Lilo &Stich: Ohana means family and that means no one gets forgotten or left behind. Tonight I wasn't at my best. Twice in the first few miles people had to wait for me. I don't know why. Perhaps I'm riding too much, I might need more rest. Perhaps it's because everyone had a five mile warm up before I joined the ride. I don't know. All I know is right from the off I was even slower than usual. After the second wait for me I offered the group the chance to leave me behind. I felt I was spoiling vroom. It's supposed to be for quicker riders and I was holding people back. Well the lads were having none of it and when I repeated my offer they really told me:"what part of no don't you understand?" Thanks all, I won't forget. I will also rule #5 it and be faster in the future. Thanks also to Chris for looking after me at the start of the ride.

No pics of the route tonight due to it being vroom. I did however take a cheeky snap of the cobbles on Rothwell Market Square. I didn't even want to ride over these slippery looking beasts to get to the road. I have no idea how they do it on Paris-Roubaix. Talking of pro rides there are signs up warning of delays as the Women's Tour passes through Northants. It's quite an honour for our splendid roads.

The route itself is the clubs classic Pitsford Loop but we added a bit at the end. I'm surprised to see PRs after the way I was feeling and actually anything over 15mph average is good for me so perhaps it was better than I thought. 

Weather was an issue. It wasn't extreme, just persistent drizzle. The wind was relatively light though, so that was ok. It was a bit irksome after looking out of the window at a sunny day only for it to change as soon as we got outside.

On our return to Kettering there was a bit of miscommunication as I went right to head back to Rothwell and the others went left. Steve and Martin caught me back up between a Weekly and the A43. I told them I was ok and they reminded me again: "no one gets left behind!" 

Happy Peddaling

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