Monday, 7 April 2014

Forgive me Velominati for I have sinned

So I'm BACK in training. After the gash horror riding ban I feel I need to make up for lost time otherwise I'm going to look a right pansy on Star Wars day. The aborted plan for this evening was more hill training but instead of ten goes up one hill I decided to do some valley traversing. It would have been a killer but then the rain came!

Look it's bad right?

Now I do like the rules and I also like to abuse them. Yes I have a saddle bag and yes I have the wrong brand of mini pump attached to Clive and finally I really don't care for all this kilometre malarkey. That final one is to me just a way of making it look like you had a longer ride. One rule I do like to stick to is Rule #9 if you ride in bad weather then you are badass. Period. Click the link it's worth it. However I decided tonight wasn't the night for badass. It's just a training ride. Had it been a sportive or a club ride I may have pushed on. For me. It was too risky. For starters it went dark and even with wipers on full, drivers visibility would be impaired. Then the roads were like rivers and as much as I trust my gators I really don't think I need another incident. One more tumble and I'm sure Lee will take my felling axe to Clive. I'm not risking her wrath. Finally with the roads this full of water you can't see the potholes. In short, you're asking for it. 

On my return home, Mrs Lindsley was standing nervously in the window bay. She remarked that her concern for my safety had nearly provoked a bowel movement but in words more associated with the Major. I guess my common sense might be appreciated on this occasion.

I found some other interesting stuff. Firstly this crazy man decided to ride a cobbled spring classic route on a penny farthing. Check it out as he hilariously asks Sean Kelly if he's done the ride before. Joff Summerfield the penny farthing geezer

PS if you don't know who Sean Kelly is: 1.You're a dufus as he's a legend and 2. Click here

Another interesting blog I read talked about the pros in the spring classics going wider with the rubber. No one has gone for my mad 23mm rear and 25mm front combo but they're going up as high as 28mm and finding less, yes less roll resistance. I have to say I really like having a 25 on the front and when I need a new rear I'm definitely going 25 there too. Anyway don't believe me check it out.

Road CC blog on wider tyres

 Oh well the forecast is better for the rest of the week so I'm going to have more chances.

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