Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Vroom Wednesday Strava Fail!

The happy few

I did two rides today. The first was a ride to work. The first ever on the bike I bought through 'bike to work' and only 8 months after I got it! Strava recorded that 5 miles which is nice. I was able to bike in because it's school holidays here. Better still as the kids had no activities tonight I was able to make a rare appearance at C&DCYCLES Vroom Wednesday.

Vroom Wednesday is the clubs faster ride. It still works on the principles of the club where no man is left behind and as the slowest rider in the group I was thankful for their patience. I can only imagine how many PRs I got tonight because I had a Strava fail! This happens from time to time and it's always frustrating. 

Strava has a lot to answer for. It's an obsession. In some ways it's a really good thing. I like knowing how my ride was and I like doing the challenges. In other ways it's a menace. Take tonight. I had a great ride in lovely company. I definitely ride faster than I normally do which can only help my riding. I also can really feel it in my legs now which is more evidence that I had a good ride. It's all money in the bank for my personal journey of cycling improvement. So why so glum? Well I smashed my legs off on the Warkton to Stamford Road climb. I'm convinced it was a PR and it might have got me in the top ten. Now I will never know. I'll just have to smash it again won't I?

Tonight's fuel of choice was lidl jelly babies, great value at 59p.  I like sweets on a ride. Often they have the same energy value as energy gels but they're way cheaper. I've heard that just 8 jelly beans is the same amount of sugar as a standard gel sachet. So for most rides I'm on the sweeties. I also tend to drink standard blackcurrant squash However like most people I'm a sucker for the nutrition pseudoscience especially when it's free. On sportives where they give away gels and isotonic drink tablets I can't get enough. I doubt they help my ride significantly but the placebo effect is strong with me and I always believe on the day. In between organised rides I like to get my sugar rush the cheap way!

Happy pedalling. 

This view was familiar

Another impressive skyline

I deserve a pint!

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