Saturday, 19 April 2014

It's Saturday so what else? It's the C&DCycles shop ride!

Always the best ride of the week it's another Saturday shop ride. The slow(er) ride was led today by Jamie 'effortless' Stockham. Jamie's riding style is to glide and he makes it all look very easy. He's the perfect leader because whilst he looks like he's doing very little he's going very fast!

Here's some great ride footage from Richard Wood's go pro. That's definitely a bit of kit I'd like to get hold of. However this video has far too much footage of some fat lad on his Forme Longcliffe 2.0. I'm going to have to work on that riding style, it's shocking!

For some reason the youtube clip doesn't show on some devices. If you have a blank box above please click this link YouTube video by Richard Wood

Some of the brothers from C&DCYCLES are now clearly blog mention chasing. It's like Strava segment chasing but worse as they try to get as many mentions as possible. With that in mind Andy your striptease to divert my request for a bigger ring really was unnecessary. I was going to mention again about your fantastic advice and service and repeat that we should all follow rule 58 and support our local bike shop. I'm still a bit disturbed though that it's base layer then bib shorts for you. It's not in the rules but if we could add to them it's definitely bib shorts first, for the full mankini effect and then all other layers to follow.

Big Steve is also guilty of blog mention chasing. His was more valid though. The Prince of Profanity is quite miffed that he only scored 65/70 for 'how sweary are you?' It was most amusing to hear his critique of the list in the Facebook Survey and unfortunately none of it is repeatable here. Needless to say both of us share a new favourite insult in 'douchecanoe.' As in David Moyes was a real douchecanoe for leaving Everton. Never mind the new man is indeed the canines crown jewells so alls well that ends well.

Enough of that nonsense. The ride today was a good one for a shop ride and especially welcome after the gradient bashing we gave ourselves yesterday. It was another fast ride for a Saturday with my average coming in at just under 16mph. 

If you read my blog of the shop ride from a while back where I mention that the sign points the wrong way for the historic church in Aldwincle (this is not another of Steve's words but in fact the name of a village,) then the last laugh is on me because there is indeed another church around the corner with a big English Heritage plaque on it. 

We split into two groups which were supposed to meet and then complete the route together but it sort of went wrong when we erm...went wrong and then we went wrong again so the fast lot caught us twice and then gave up the plan and we ended up back at the shop before them despite their average of nearly 18mph (when I grow up I want to be that quick.) Poor Frank on only his second ride in a few weeks looked ruined by the quick lads. Not half as bad as I'd have looked trying to keep up with that group Frank!

Back at the shop we arrived before 11am for the first time for weeks which meant that another of my wife's awesome creations had yet to arrive. However, when the long suffering Mrs Lindsley did appear with my personal favourite in her repertoire, apple cake, it was demolished in seconds. Big Steve was so excited he started quoting the Fast Show and some other things that sadly I also can't mention. If I say the cake was lovely and moist you can join the dots for yourself. Thanks again Lee, I really don't deserve you.

The tray of apple cake was full moments before

No ride home for me today because Niamh was competing in the Kettering Harriers Athletic Club Open meeting. That was well worth the trip because it was great to see so many athletes and our superstar had a massive personal best in the 800m knocking 12 seconds off of her previous PB.

All in all a great day.
Happy Peddaling

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