Saturday, 26 April 2014

Saturday shop ride, same places different route...

The outlook for today's shop ride was quite gloomy and damp. This put some people off and a smaller than recent weeks group gathered at the shop. If you missed out due to the weather, well hard luck on getting it wrong, it turned into a lovely day for a bike ride. But then every day is a good day for a bike ride as a bad day cycling always beats a good day at work...unless of course you ride for a living and then frankly you are the luckiest person in lucky land.

With a smaller attendance it was decided to do just one group. On that I'd like to apologise to Rich who joined us for the first time today. We didn't do a good enough job of looking after you, we got way too splintered for a Saturday ride. 

The route was familiar but also unusual as we went in the opposite direction to our usual rides. Well done to Steve for thinking this up. However the road from Thrapston to a Denford is still a bumpy nightmare no matter which side you're on. To add insult to injury Martin achieved the feat of getting puddle water to spray off his rear wheel over my glasses and into my eye. He couldn't do that again if he tried! Other notable ride events were discussions about next weeks sportive, this blog, tyres and my ongoing what to do about my chain rings. The update is I'm still going for a 39/52.

I couldn't go back to the shop today and I missed the tea, cake and banter. C&DCYCLES is a great club to belong to. The path of true love does not however always run smooth and we have some issues to iron out. Anyone whose studied group dynamics knows there are always ups and downs with human interactions. A bit like the driver versus cyclist debate there are two sides to every story and with a bit of tolerance we can get back to being an awesome brotherandsisterhood of the bike.

Happy Peddaling 

Rich and Iain coming up the hill

Same bit, a little closer

Why did I bother cleaning're right I gave him a once over today too!

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