Thursday, 4 September 2014

It's cycle to work day!

It's been five weeks since I've ridden Clive so what better day to get back on my trusty road bike than Cycle to work day. To be honest I've got jet lag big time so work and back feels about right for my current energy levels. After my Australian adventures on Claude it felt so good to be back on road bike which doesn't weigh a tonne and isn't as saggy as Nora Batty's tights

Having put postcards up at work and shared my intentions all over social media I braced myself for a mass participation two wheeled mega event. Hmmm...I think everyone missed the memo! I rode to work, I often ride to work, no one else bothered. On my way to work I didn't see any other cyclists. On the way home I saw three. Now my strava feed might be stuffed with people celebrating cycle to work day but hey us lycra loonies were always going to join in. Wasn't the point to get more people on their bikes? The Facebook page is also full of pics of peoples cycling commute but again I get the impression these are people who usually cycle to work celebrating a day dedicated to their mode of transport. I hope threes some footage of somewhere in the UK that embraced the whole shebang, unfortunately it wasn't Kettering.

Oh my goodness I'm a whinging Pom! So on a more positive note I arrived at work to discover a present from a colleague. I have to say I love it!

Happy Peddaling 

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