Saturday, 20 September 2014

The FOG!

Today started with fog, thick fog, that persisted well beyond our 8:45 start time. It was not a bit of mist as  described by Andy who frankly is to meteorology as David Moyes is at managing former giants who play in red. However with the aid of my trusty one23 extreme bright light I felt safe enough to proceed in this weeks larger social group. There were far less riders in the fast group, perhaps it was the FOG! Andy as will be seen has a little more to worry about than the weather!

You may have seen this route before. It's a good one with one monster hill at East Farndon and the short sharp shock of Bunker Hill coming out of Rothwell. Along the way we crossed the River Jordan at Braybrooke - LET MY PEOPLE GO - and took in the delights of Rushton, Desborough, Clipston, Kelmarsh, And Harrington. In Desborough it's 'war week,' no they're not expecting the Scots to invade it's a WWII thing with windows taped up and all that malarkey. It's Desborough though so many of them won't be aware it's over yet. Fittingly we took our group photo at the splendid war memorial in Clipston.

Beautiful people in Clipston

As usual the Saturday ride is the best and most important ride of the week, this was another good one with Steve leading and me at the back. We had a couple of communication issues on the way and after I  recovered from a bit of a rant, these were resolved like adults and the riding was spot on. 

Tomorrow many club riders are participating in an excellent charity ride/sportive for worthy local charities. Unbelievably under the unnecessary current climate of austerity the two beneficiaries Cransley and Cynthia Spencer Hospice are having their budgets slashed and are under enormous financial pressure. So this ride has massive local importance (you don't want to engage me in a conversation on this if you're a fan of our current government, I have a big soapbox and I will jump on you from it!) unfortunately I can't do the ride properly but I do have my own plan. I will donate my £20 entry fee to Cransley, they have loads of collection tins around the county so I will pop it in the next one I see. Then I'm setting off early in the morning to ride the route, it passes close to home so I can hop on and off there to get the job done. By doing that I'll be back in time for a family dinner at the Thai Garden, which is the best food that money can buy!

Oh my whose feet are these? Is it a lady in comfortable shoes?

Oh it's air Andy with the toasty toes...bless him

Last shout of the day goes to my lovely friends Paul Cuts and Paula Knight who both had the dubious pleasure of encountering the C&DCYCLES massive en route! Nice to see you!

Happy pedalling

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