Wednesday, 17 September 2014

I just wanted to dawdle!


Well that was a funny old day. It was preceded by an awful nights sleep with the most bizarre and unconnected dreams in between bouts of being awake. Then a commute to work where I realised I gave the fit girl on the bike a second glance to see what she was riding not what she looked like (I guess that's the final step before this cycling obsession becomes firmly entrenched.) Then I forgot I had to walk to a meeting and dashed off in a panic to discover it was at a different time in a different place meaning I ended up doing a 4 mile walk on a bike ride day. Finally I didn't make to either spec savers for my eye test or to C&DCYCLES for vroom Wednesday. Like I said funny day!

Missing vroom was not all in doom and gloom as trying to zoom would have put me in a tomb. I was knackered and I also just needed one of those 'just worry about myself,' rides. That's because that meeting I walked half way across Kettering for was in fact a bit on the heavy side. My head was  frankly frazzled and I just needed the sort of space only a solo ride can provide.

Well what a lovely little dawdle I had! I left K town and headed up a great hill to Cransley and then right to Loddington up those nasty twin lumps. Then I headed to Old down Mill Lane, one of my favourite quiet roads. From Old I went to Lamport and then over some more lumpy bits to Draughton, from there I went to Harrington then home. I got on my own rhythm and achieved a mindful zen state shedding all my head rubbish before getting home. Sometimes it's not about speed, sometimes you just need to dawdle!

View from Mill Lane

Up Mill Lane

Down Mill Lane

Lamport to Draughton

Same spot different view

Happy pedalling!

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