Saturday, 13 September 2014

Andy 'Mountain Goat,' Brown's Super Saturday Shop Ride

Nat this is Strava, it's a beautiful thing, I do hope it works for you soon

As usual on Saturday I got myself down to the death star aka C&D Cycles shop and clubhouse. The group size this morning was huge and were we not running fast and social groups we would still have needed to split up for safety. Andy Brown who created the impressively lumpy route above led the fast riders and in breaking news I've heard Nat, who benefitted from Andy F's expert fiddling in the week, did the rear job. Lord Vader led the social group with me as usual performing arse end Charlie duties.

The route crossed the Welland valley taking in numerous picture postcard villages, along quiet lanes with more hills than we usually attempt for a Saturday shop ride. So why did Theresa and I decide to make it harder and do the Harrington QOM hill too? Well it was my fault, when i looked at the route last night I just thought that Hill was included too. One hill we often don't include on club rides is the one from Rothwell to Orton. I've used that for hill training by doing it ten times in succession and it really is a good climb. Ok I'm going to find some pictures from the web to show you the sort of villages we went through.

Rushton Church




You get the idea then don't you? As per usual we weren't the only lycra loonies on the road today but I have to report a worrying trend. More people failed to acknowledge us than ever before. If you're on a bike say hello people, or nod, or smile, or wave but for flips sake don't ride past ignorantly like you're better than us! As I've said before, your poo smells too!

Ok time for some photos I actually took. Apologies for some of the quality it's not that easy whilst riding a bike!

Some shots of the group

Cheeky little pitstop

What a handsome man...sadly I got no shots of his leg warmer striptease

Great route, lovely quiet lanes

Low gear and spin!

Undoubtedly the highlight of today's ride was Andy's seductive striptease as he removed his completely unnecessary leg warmers. It's September people so what's with all the base layers, 3/4 lengths (which are a bit feminine to be honest Stuart,) overshoes etc. It will be cold in November, leave the additional clobber in the drawer until then.

Back at the death star and it was service as usual with tea and recovery food. Today's cake was provided by Theresa and very nice it was too. People are still also asking me about Australia and I think it will be months before I tire of those questions. It's now mid twenties in Brisbane but hey it's pretty nice here too. Another great ride with my C&D Cycles CC clubmates. Can't wait for tomorrow and Big Steve's Sunday smuttathon!

Happy Pedalling

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