Sunday, 14 September 2014

Steve's Super Sunday Slopey Slogathon...

Steves last words yesterday were that after Saturdays hill fest we would be doing something flatter for Sunday. Well he's a lying wotsit! If you check the rides you'll see yesterday was slightly less climbing than we did today!

Sunday rides are designated as the longer ride for more experienced cyclists. The group size is smaller and there were just five of us this morning so that's easy to name. The group was big Steve, Neil, Nat, Stuart (not Grainger or Nicholls, first time I've met him - nice bloke!) and me. As per usual I was the slowest rider so a natural sort of arse end Charlie role developed. It was nice though to get out front on the down hills and express myself. I like group riding but my only bugbear is having to brake behind others who are less confident on descents.

So off we set on a magical mystery tour through Weekly and on to Geddington, then Newton, Rushton, Pipewell, Desborough, Braybrooke and on to Market Harborough.  Aha Steve I'm onto you East Farndon Hill. If that wasnt enough we then went to Naesby up that other monster. Then Ravensthorpe, Spratton, Brixworth ouch! You get the idea. 

There was brief respite as Steve had a puncture from a thorn the size of a T-Rex talon. At that point I learned that Steve and Neil have been personally punctured. You read that right we were talking about stabbings!

After Brixworth it was Scaldwell, Old, Loddington and then for me home to Rothwell. The others had the unecessary Icing on the cake of Bunker hill.

the most bizarre thing that happened today was an incident with a couple between Brixworth and Scaldwell. We went past these two helmetless riders who were dawdling. We said good morning and they said nothing in return. Well you'd think we have pooed in their front room. They came past tutting, didnt want a chat and were overheard muttering about us not being proper cyclists. Blimey if we're not the real thing, I hate to think what we have to do.

Not much else  to say except that was a brilliant bike ride. Thanks Steve for the route and everyone else for fantastic company. 
Penny Farthing Cottage - Old

Roadside repairs
A familiar view as I tried to keep up with quicker riders

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