Sunday, 21 September 2014

Not cycle4cynthia

 What a busy day I've had since 5am! I woke up really excited about all the things I wanted to do. By 8am when I set off on the bike I'd emptied and refilled the dishwasher, hung a load of washing out, put more washing on, walked the dogs and hung the next lot of washing out too. I may be just a little ADHD!

So off I set to pick up the cycle4cynthia route at Harrington and then complete it with the intention of making it home in time for dinner at the Thai garden at half past 12.

Now riding a sportive for free is not something I approve of. Especially not a charity sportive. I had said I would put my twenty notes in a charity tin but I thought about it on the way round and instead I found a just giving page and donated to a stranger. I hope Martin French appreciates his surprise donation! As I said before this is an important ride. I don't know anyone whose family hasn't been affected by cancer and I know these hospices ease the passing for those who are sadly terminal. Just last week my good friend and fellow rider Jamie Stockham lost his father in law to this hideous disease. My thoughts were with everyone I know whose suffered as I rode.
Well it was one of those days when my legs felt great and I made it easy despite cycle4cynthia once again picking out as many hills as possible in its 50 miles.  I had also expected to be passed at some point by a local club superstar smasing along at 25mph average. I wasn't though.  In fact from the official ride I only saw two riders doing the 25 mile route and a little girl and her dad doing the 5 miler.

Some bits of the route I loved. To my surprise they were uphill.  My favourite Hill of the day was going up my land speed record hill for the first time ever.  On the way up I passed another roadie who'd stopped. He told me to show him how it was done so I stayed out of the saddle dancing on the pedals all the way up.  At the top I was shot but feeling a bit pleased with myself. Icing on the cake as far as climbs go was the women's tour QOM into Brixworth and the last climb into Lamport from Scaldwell.

That was a beautiful morning to be on a bike and I was very mindful how good it makes me feel. So different to yesterday and the fog I just felt great to be alive in the autumnal sunshine.
I haven't checked how my club colleagues got on yet so I hope they did ok too. Next year I'm determined that this will be a father son ride with me and super Sam doing the 25 miler together.

Dinner was as usual fantastic at the Thai Garden and thanks to Dad in Law who paid despite it being his birthday meal! Since then the Saints  have had a bonus point win and Lewis Hamilton won the Grand Prix. If Everton sort their lives out this could be the perfect weekend!

Happy pedalling!

That's how beautiful it was today!

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