Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Quick spin after five to thrive

I cycle for a number of reasons. Sometimes it's to blow off some cobwebs and sometimes it's to download the daily stress. Neither of those are true today because I've been to another inspirational Five to Thrive training event and as part of practising what I preach I just went out because I enjoy it!

So what's this five to thrive? Probably none if you are wondering! Come on Rich this isn't cycling, talk about Lycra and averages and tyres and hill and segments and all that. Well bear with me I'm going to shoehorn this in whilst I continue on my get people talking about Five to Thrive soapbox.

Here we go then. Five to thrive as seen in the picture above is a sequence of steps needed to make a child's brain grow in the first place then continue growing in the future. As adults those steps will maintain and improve our brains. Here's the really surprising bit: C&DCYCLES CC does five to thrive without knowing it and even though it's incredibly difficult to imagine being in a bike club has helped our brains to stay healthy! Really Rich? Yes really! You see it's quite simple. We RESPOND to each other just by meeting up for our club rides. The next step is CUDDLE except in later life this becomes ENGAGE (sorry if anyone was hoping to cuddle another Lycra loonie, I'm open to hugs just not from post ride sweat sodden MAMILS,) we do the ENGAGE bit though just by taking an interest in each other, we help each other RELAX we definitely PLAY and above all I've had some amazing TALKs on a bike. There, surely you want to know more now? If so look up a Five to Thrive, especially if you're a parent and/or work with children.

Back to my ride. It was a lovely evening. I would've joined vroom but ran out of time with all the brewing etc I've got on the go. It's one of my favourite routes and well here's some pictures.

Those are all a bit arty aren't they but they do capture the beautiful scenery in the fading light. Bloody lovely it was! 

Happy pedalling

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