Saturday, 6 September 2014

It's Saturday, its September and it's back to club rides with a classic route!

Bit harsh Strava I've actually got 11 achievements on this ride!

Right so this blog starts with an apology. I forgot to mention that on yesterday's ride I had a friendly wave from our favourite bike shop manager, Andy or Darth Vader as we love to call him. So it was much glee that I enjoyed my welcome from the Sith Lord on arrival at the Death Star (C&DCYCLES). Andy was delighted to see me too. He expressed much enjoyment of our Australian adventures on Facebook and said: "it's like I was there in person, Rich!"  So I was pleased to share as much as I could from our trip to an entranced audience. Oh ok I went on a bit, but hey it was the trip of a lifetime so what do you expect?

Stupidly I forgot my drink this morning and as usual Andy came to the rescue. I have a new drink bottle then (see above,) with some very nice branding!

As is now practise for the club we split into two groups. Big Steve blasted off we the quick lads and Andy led the banter social ride. Stuart and I worked in tandem in the tail gunner role and a big mention needs to go to Stuart for his role here. The group rode safely and communicated well and as ever rule 1 - no one gets left behind -  was well observed. It was also nice to see newbies on the ride. That's what we're about. I thought Mel in particular did very well for a first group ride on a challenging route.

So let's talk about that route. Rocky Hill was it's usual intimidating self and Middleton Hill was the perfect warm up to the beast of Northants. I'm sure many people have been up bigger hills than Rocky, there are indeed plenty of them in Northants but there's just something brutal about it. I'm delighted to note I have a PR for the notorious slope so that's nice.

On return to the shop we met up with the speedsters for cake by Mrs Lindsley, the Queen of Cakes. Apparently there's a usurper to her crown also keeping the club in vital recovery food. Well bring it on I say (because we get more cake that way!) Steve gave his blunt as ever assessment of Lee's apple cake. MOIST! That will do for me. Also bluntly assessed was the state of my post holiday physique...PORTLY. I know, I know, there's some work to be done!

Also back at the shop thoughts turned to tomorrow and the fantastic challenge of 150 miles Tony Talbot has set himself in aid of Kettering Hospital Radio. We are planning to support him as much as possible and complete a few challenges, like the Gran Fondo, ourselves. The plan is 38 mile laps starting at C&DCYCLES. There's a charity jar on the counter in the shop and I think Tony would appreciate as many people as possible to ride with. Most of us are joining the start of the ride so it would be nice if some people could help out with the later laps. If nothing else get your hand in your pocket and put some money in the jar.

When I got home my 'cyclists stay awesome,' stickers arrived in the post. I got five of these so there's three spare at this time. If anyone wants one, please let me know.

Finally it's good to be back. I've been to one of the nicest places on the planet and it was really hard to leave. However knowing I can ride my bike in good company on our beautiful leafy lanes is more than enough compensation.

Happy pedalling 

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