Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Vroom vroom shake shake the room!

Damn you phone it was way darker and the lights were twinkling

It's been a really mixed day for me. It started with my commute, which was ok.

During the day I learned that 13 year old Luis Ghaut had lost his battle with cancer. For those of you who don't know Luis who started a successful charity campaign called LU15 when diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer. He was taken to heart by the Saints, he led them out on that glorious day last May and a few weeks ago was on Rugby Tonight. In short Luis was a beacon of light to the Saints Nation and he's gone. Life can be ridiculously cruel at times and I moved through sadness to anger.

The day didn't really improve and there are things I'm not at liberty to divulge about the state of the NHS and the fact we're being run down in mental health at a time when mental health problems are rising!

You may wonder why I'm including this in my cycling blog? Well flip me I'm angry. I'm angry about kids who die of cancer, I'm angry about the state of services being stripped in the name of austerity and I'm angry about the less fortunate being pissed on from high by the privileged few. So what did I need? Vroom Wednesday. I needed to ride as fast as I could and get it all out. It's like the opposite of last week when I needed to dawdle. I has to get it out?

So off we went. It felt quick so my 16mph average is a bit of a disappointment. Then I look at the stack of PR's I got, mostly in the first half of the ride and realise that's ok for me. You see I'm not a quick rider. I probably don't really qualify for vroom and towards the end I'd taken up my familiar position of arse end Charlie.

I'd like to say we took in the delights of Northants and in parts that's true but also the twin terrors of Wellingborough and Irthlingborough were heavily featured in this ride. To be fair I'd rather go to Raunds! Ok sorry that's my dark mood coming out. There were some great bits to this ride. Bits of the Northamptonshire  countryside looked spectacular in the setting sun. I also think as the sun went down the plethora of flashing lights in the group was quite impressive. The highlight of the ride, and the most apt for vroom, was the fast section from Mears Ashby to Harrowden. We were flying on that section and it felt great!

I have to also say that big Steve cheered me up with the usual blend of straight talking wisdom and fast show quotes. Getting home to learn that Brad Wiggins was the world time trial champion also brightened things up.

That's it.
Happy Pedalling

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