Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Cycleway to Manly

Just a quick spin this morning using more of the excellent cycleway the Queensland government has funded. You'll probably guess from the erratic route I did a couple of unplanned detours. There's 150km of this stuff and it is no officially on my bucket list to come back and do the lot in one day. I went the opposite way to previous rides with the end destination of Manly. If I'd had longer I'd have gone fully round the stunning harbour but you'll see from the pics I was a bit spoilt for views as it was!

Well signed route

Same sign other side over looking Tinpala River

Through the mangroves

Lota Park


More Park

Look how well segregated the cycleway us from traffic

The really impressive thing for me is the time and effort put into all this public space. It's like 
someone very wise got hold of the cash and said:"our greatest asset is our space, let's make it accessible, provide enough facilities for everyone to use it for recreation whilst conserving our flora and fauna, oh and let's make sure we do it well." People have big houses and gardens here but even if you didn't there's so much public space you just wouldn't care. Hopefully I will get one more ride in before we come home but now it's time for yet another experience as the queen of cakes and I are having four nights in Sydney.

Happy pedalling 

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