Sunday, 15 June 2014

The ride after the day before

So I went for a little spin. Even smaller than I intended because I chose to ride to C&DCYCLES and have a chat with Andy about our eventful Saturday shop ride. To be honest I'm still shaken up about the crash and I think we need to have a strategy to prevent this from happening again. Those are private discussions that are inappropriate for wider audiences so that's all I'm saying for now.

The other reason for my trip to the shop was to make a purchase and get the cycle computer I've had my eye on. And here it is:

So what do I need that for? Well it's about numbers. As cyclists we are obsessed with numbers. Average pace, cadence, distance, top speed, suffer score, ritmo etc etc etc. I want another bit if kit that gives me yet more numbers and this is the one I've chosen. This excites me. I've not had a cycle computer since getting my current bike, partly because smartphones do the whole tracking thing and partly because I liked the shimano flight deck so much on my steel framed triple I didn't want anything else. So now I want to get out and ride and watch the numbers. It's always about the numbers!

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