Thursday, 12 June 2014

Commute, segment chase and the long way home

Two very different rides on the same day. This morning I just rode the 5 miles to work the most direct way I can. A little later than I normally ride I found it uncomfortably busy on the roads. Cars passed rather close, stuck out at junctions and there were several obstacles in the cycle lanes. Then once in Kettering Town Centre the problem was pedestrians who just don't look unless they can hear something coming. I had a fair old smack of road rage by the time I arrived.

The ride home, once out of Kettering was far more pleasant. For starters it's been a beautiful day, about as good as it gets for the English Summer. Better still today's weather has been the average for August in Brisbane, now if that's a normal day we're going to have a great month in Queensland. Did I mention that yet? Sorry if I haven't....we're having a family holiday in Australia for the whole of August.

One of my aims was a bit of segment chasing and a crack at reclaiming my KOM crown into Cransley. I didn't manage it this time but as this will be a regular route home there will be more opportunities. I was a bit knackered after the attempt so ambled the rest of the way home. On the way I took in the beautiful scenery and marvelled at pretty songbirds such as the goldfinches who inhabit our hedgerows. Life is good!

Beautiful Summer Scenes

Goldfinch- probably a favourite of Andy of C&DCYCLES 

Now I need. To plan Saturday's shop ride.

Happy Pedaling

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