Saturday, 14 June 2014

Interesting times

In Terry Pratchett's book interesting times, it says: "may you be fortunate not to live in interesting times." Well that wasn't the case for today's ride. We had good bits, we had bad bits and we had diabolical bits. All this and I'm leading the whole thing.

The route may be familiar because it's one I've used before. For me it's good because it has, ups, downs, flat bits, nice countryside and points of historical interest.

Selfie at Rothwell war memorial

Here comes the first bad bit. Saturday is a beginner ride but today we had someone who was struggling with a gentle pace after just 5 miles. Luckily he was a very reasonable man and was open to the idea that another 30 miles might be too much. We advised him to get some solo miles in and join us again when he's had a few weeks practise. We have other people like this at the club, one of whom, Owen, came past me up a climb today. The key to cycling fitness, is just plenty of cycling! 

Puncture number 1 of 3

The second bad thing was one person having three punctures leading to a split group. Two of these punctures were the same culprit in the old classic of an unfound intrusion. The last was a front tyre where the others were the rear. That's bad luck but it happens.

Sealed Knot selfie


Little boys like playing with guns too

In Naseby there was a sealed knot muster and I have to say I wasn't expecting a Roundhead selfie but hey Northants is stuffed with this kind of thing. Amusingly the house in Naseby that normally displays a Tigers flag has replaced this with a Union Jack. Oh dear, is this because Saints are English Champions? Nope I'm not bored yet!

Ubiquitous phone box shot

Waiting for the puncture crew at Sobbertoft

Sibbertoft war memorial-Claire practising her wistful look

We reformed as one group in Sibbertoft and headed off for some great riding. We headed down my favourite hill and then back up the short sharp climb to East Farndon. Everyone was riding well, we were having a great time then SMASH STOP STOP STOP. Nathan and Darren were down, Darren got up and hobbled off but Nathan didn't move. I got there immediately tried to get a response, I got a grunt, I asked him where it hurts and he said hip. He was talking, thank god. No obvious bleeding, no way I was moving him, my phone was out and I was calling for an ambulance. Whilst I did that bit the lads set about blocking the road, someone had a good idea to pile our jackets on him and Claire took over as first aider in chief and what a job she did. The ambulance seemed to take ages to arrive, not helped by not understanding my directions. The contact room struggled to pinpoint 'the road between Great Oxendon and East Farndon,' I had no way if being more precise. Anyway they got there and then did a thorough and careful job of getting Hightower into the van. Most of us thought Nathan was proper smashed up with definite broken bones. He was in bags of pain but still responding to gentle teasing, oh all right it was abuse but hey it was necessary for morale. Anyway the news is good. There are no broken bones just so e very deep tissue bruising and a shed load of road rash. Darren was also hurt. His elbow was badly cut but because he felt responsible for the crash he was very quiet and reluctant to get help. I don't envy him that.

The ride back was a bit of a blur. I felt sick. There was a high point though. I had a chat with one of our newer riders, Stuart who can still more than keep up at 74 years young. I really hope I'm like that.

We all need cheering up after all that so here's SuperSam in the t-shirt he chose to wear today. As you will see it's relevant!

Good boy Sam

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