Friday, 6 June 2014

Beautiful sunny evening with SuperSam at Pitsford Res

What a stunning day. Possibly the perfect English summer's day and definitely a good evening for a ride. Sam and I took advantage of big brother Joe playing football at Moulton and with bikes in the back of the S-Max headed to the fantastic resource that is Pitsford. Sam and I share an opinion on the bike circuit here and it's our love of the noise the track makes on the tyres. It's a very satisfying crunch especially if you corner at speed. Now speed was an issue for SuperSam tonight because his gears have gone qwerky, as is typical with a new bike. So that's a trip to see Andy at C&DCYCLES for the 6 week free service. The pictures tell the story so I'll let them do just that. I'm hoping the forecast for tomorrow is either wrong or we at least get away with it until lunch time because I'm looking forward to the shop ride. If not I'll have to settle for watching England v the All Blacks minus the players from those premiership champions Saints. Obviously they'll have a better chance next week!

Enjoy the pics

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