Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hi oh hi oh it's ride to work you know!

So I've managed 3days of bike to work this week, which is nice! Today was just a commute there and back. I have my eye on two segments heading into work, Glendon burn and finish hard. I have a plan to move up the leaderboard. Top of both of them is Mike Cowland who I know of but don't actually know. Also right up there are my friends Jamie, Sinbad and our very own Andy of C&DCYCLES. I'm not going to compete with those titans of two wheels but I think top 20 is a realistic aim. Watch this space for PRs on those segments.

I'm still persisting with this 90rpm malarkey. My legs feel a bit sore so it's definitely doing something. I'm guessing like all forms of exercise it will be a few weeks before it has any impact. Numbers, numbers, numbers.

I'm relieved to see the great tyre debate has concluded with David Tough purchasing 25mm gators. Having been their biggest fan I hope they don't let my Longcliffe 2.0 brother down. I like mine a lot which begs only one question...why am I considering upgrading to the 4000's? Never happy with what we've got are we?

I'm not including the strava because my commute route has been posted many times before. I'm also not riding this weekend because we are on a family camp out. I'm looking forward to a weekend of booze and barbecues but will miss my bike. A guest blog of the Saturday shop ride would be very welcome.

Happy Peddaling 

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