Thursday, 5 June 2014

Nice sunny evening so time for a spin!

Bizarrely I haven't ridden for nearly a week. The weather has been a factor and I was a bit busy last weekend, celebrating with the Aviva Premiership Champions. I've actually ridden less so far in June than I had by this time in January. So on a rare dry night I decided that it was time for a quick spin.

Only a little route tonight with the most obvious feature being the Women's Tour Queen of the Mountains climb into Harrington. Now my time was woeful compared to the super fit ladies but sits about midway in both the full leaderboard and the people I follow on a Strava so I'll settle for that. Lots of PRs too so the reduced riding hasn't ruined me yet! As ever one benefit of less riding is you remember more just how much fun cycling is. Whizzing down the leafy lanes really does float my boat and as the forecast looks ropey for the weekend I think I better get out again tomorrow.

Clive was looking a bit shabby by the time I got home. Being too excited about other things, you know like Saints v Saracens, I'd neglected to clean him after my last ride. As that ride included both cow and sheep poo along with debris from damp roads that really is a disgrace. Anyway you'll note from below that I've done the right thing now.

clean Clive

On Tuesday night Andy really did earn his blog mention by coming to SuperSam's cub pack to help them attain their cycling badge. This was the maintenance part having completed the ride requirements at Rockingham. Andy in his official capacity as the C&DCYCLES manager did a first rate job. A very informative presentation that held the attention of even the most day dreamy cubs. I was proud of the boys and girls too, they can be a rowdy bunch but when required they really are a credit to scouting.
Andy at the Scout Hut

Ay carumba! How does this keep happening?

Oh ok you didn't think I'd only mention the Saints a couple of times did you? What a weekend! I don't think I'll stop smiling for months and the Saints cycling jersey will get plenty of ride time. The season's over now and I'm not disappointed because there's now more time to ride!

Happy Peddaling 

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